'Us and Chem.', HENI Publishing, September 2018

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‘Us and Chem.’ documents Blondey’s fifth solo exhibition, at HENI Gallery, London, in 2017. Drawing a parallel between art and therapy, in response to his own experience of mental illness, ‘A product of disaster. Anti-drugs and pro-art… the fruits of a project fuelled by hyper-productivity as a means of combatting depression’, ‘Us and Chem.’ features a series of mirrored works, reproduced on special mirrored paper, that allude to the joys and pains of interior and exterior London life.

Also featured are installation shots and insightful, often humorous comments from visitors to the gallery. A poem inspired by the exhibition, ‘Us and Them’ by Olly Todd, introduces the book. 

Us and Chem.’  is a limited edition of 1,000, signed and numbered by Blondey, and presented in a custom-made, cellophane prescription bag.